Driving in Italy for Americans: The Top 10 Tips and Best Hints for Your Next Trip

Americans Driving in Italy- Tips and Hints

Thinking of Driving in Italy this year? Italy is one of the most popular destinations for Americans traveling to Europe. And for good reason—there is so much of the Mediterranean country that is best seen by car (to get inspired, check out our “20 Places to See in Italy” post). However, we also know driving in Italy…

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9 Most Popular Road Signs You Must Know Before Driving in Italy for Americans


Are you planning on driving in Italy this year? While there are many road signs that are recognizable to an American driver, Italy does have a few unique road signs that are specific to the country. Our Driving in Italy for Americans guide helps make sure you know what to look out for  to avoid accidents…

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7 of the Most Must See Top Places to Drive in Italy


At Tripiamo, we think the world is best seen by car, and one of the most stunning examples of that is Italy. In this article you will discover what we think are the top places to drive in Italy. With diverse landscapes, breathtaking coastline, picturesque towns, and historical landmarks, there is so much of Italy…

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Can I drive with a US driver’s license in Italy? Our 4 best things to keep in mind


Can you drive with a US Driver’s License in Italy? Yes, however, there are other requirements you must meet. Read on for an understanding of what you need to do to drive in Italy legally. One of the most common questions we get is: do I need an international driver’s license in Italy? It’s actually…

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