Driving in France with a US Driver’s License – is it allowed? The #1 best tip

So, you’ve decided you want to take a road trip in France. Besides looking up all the best stops to make along the way, there’s also some important practical information to cover. First thing’s first: driving in France with a US Driver’s License – is it allowed?

Yes, driving in France with a US license is legal, but there are additional requirements you need to meet. If you are on a short visit (less than 90 days), you may drive with a valid US driver’s license if it is accompanied by a notarized translation in French. or an International Driving Permit

Driving in France with a US Driver's License

One of the easiest ways to meet this requirement is to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) before you go. The IDP translates your license into multiple languages (French included) to ensure smooth travel worldwide. IDPs are also often required by car rental companies in France. The good news is, they’re easy and affordable to get. More info on that below!

Now that you know about driving with your US license in France, the next step is to acquaint yourself with driving rules and etiquette. That’s where Tripiamo comes in. We offer a comprehensive France driving guide that will help you drive safely and confidently once you get there. Our guides go beyond blogs and Youtube videos, offering a full series of easy-to-follow videos and our patent-pending 360-degree driving simulations. It’s everything you need to confidently get behind the wheel, and something you can’t get anywhere else. (Just ask our customers!)

Tip: For Driving in France with a US Driver’s License – Get an International Driving Permit

For Driving in France with a US Driver's License - Get an International Driving PermitThe IDP is a small booklet that contains your basic information in multiple languages to facilitate interactions abroad. Luckily, it’s quite easy to obtain:

  1. You can get an IDP through AAA as long as you have US license valid for more than 6 months in the future and are at least 18.
  2. Go to your local office with a completed application (form can be downloaded here), passport photos, and the fee ($20 at time of this posting).
    • You can also apply by mail if you don’t have a nearby office.
  3. Your IDP will be processed and mailed to you, and you’re ready to go!