Why Should I Drive Abroad?

Why Should I Drive Abroad? Discover our top 5 reasons why.

When it comes to asking  yourself “why should I drive abroad” we have have many compelling reasons. At Tripiamo, we have one simple mission: help everyone feel confident to drive abroad

With many countries offering great public transportation, group tour options, and private drivers, many people we talk to aren’t so sure that they want to take on driving abroad…at least at first. We are firm believers that driving abroad unlocks a completely new level of travel. (And to make you feel even more confident, check out our comprehensive, interactive driving guides. Available for Italy, Spain, the UK, Germany, and France—with more locations in development!)

If you still aren’t sure why you should drive abroad, here’s our top 5 list of why we think you should try driving on your next international trip.

1. Flexibility and Independence:

Explore at your own pace. Every traveler has different preferences, from history or art to outdoor activities to beach time to culinary exploration. Traveling on a guided tour, or following public transportation schedules, means you have little control over the course of your trip and when you get the urge to spend more time in a specific location you suddenly find yourself having to leave because of the guided tour schedule. Having a car means that you can see what you want on exactly your schedule. You want to spend an extra 3 hours at that winery (and we don’t blame you) or take that scenic route to the beach? The possibilities are endless when you hold the keys.

Flexibility and Independence

2. Access to Remote Areas:

Public transportation, while convenient, often doesn’t reach more remote or rural areas. That means most travelers miss out on off-the-beaten path locations and also that most of the tourists are headed to exactly the same sites. Having a car can open up opportunities to experience less touristy, less crowded, and more authentic places.

Access to Remote Areas

3. Convenience:

Have you ever lugged your bags through narrow, crowded cobblestone streets? We have, and it’s never been the highlight of the trip. Having a car means a much more convenient way to transport your belongings, especially if you’re traveling with a family or large group. 

4. Ability to Visit Off-peak Locations:

Many countries limit or cease public transportation services to seasonal locations. Driving a car means you can venture to places when they’re less tourist-filled, and often cheaper.

Ability to Visit Off-peak Locations

5. Reliability:

Public transportation, especially in peak seasons, can offer its own challenges—we at Tripiamo have experienced sold out or cancelled trains or flights, missed trains due to traffic, and transit strikes. Not to mention expensive change fees, difficulty navigating transit in a foreign language, and less-than-ideal facilities. Having a car eliminates all of these potential trip-ruiners, which can save a significant amount of stress, time, and money.

Tripiamo helps foreigners learn to drive abroad safely and confidently.

That said, we understand that driving abroad as an American can be daunting. Strange road signs, unfamiliar rules, aggressive local drivers, and hard-to-navigate roads are all valid reasons that many people choose not to rent a car when traveling. 

However, at Tripiamo we want to change this perception. Driving abroad can be safe, and also incredibly rewarding, helping travelers see more of the world than they ever thought possible. See our article The Key Tips and Tricks for Driving Abroad

Our guides were designed to help travelers like you feel confident when driving abroad. Each guide offers a comprehensive and interactive series of courses to help you learn everything you need to prepare, including:

  • overview of the rules and regulations
  • local driving etiquette
  • guide to local road signs
  • how to avoid fines
  • necessary paperwork and insurance
  • how to fuel your vehicle
  • how to handle an emergency
  • and more!
Level up your travel and see more than the other tourists with Tripiamo.
Tripiamo helps foreigners learn to drive abroad safely and confidently